My Story

M Casey Designs started out of a need that I had. I wanted quality furniture that would last more than one move but all I kept finding was furniture that was some composite wood covered in a fancy wood veneer and the store would charge me my firstborn to pay for it. I have always been crafty and of the mindset that as long as I can see it I can create or recreate it. There was a nice bench that I wanted and it was crazy expensive but I could pick it up with one hand no problem, that was the day I went and spent $100 on materials and built my first bench, it was pretty amazing so I shared it on social media which is where I learned that I was not the only one having this issue. There are people who do not mind spending the money, but they don't want to settle on quality or not getting exactly what they want. 


With my woodwork, I learned that I can be as creative as I wanted to. I can make a plain basic table or I can let all of my creative juices flow and make a beautiful piece of wall art. I just love creating the piece from start to finish and witnessing the people I create a piece for can tell how much love I put into creating the perfect item for them.